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Academics & Programs

Franklin High School strives to provide meaningful challenges that encourage students to maximize their abilities to propel them to their next steps in life. A wide range of high quality academic courses and programs are offered, including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, College, Career and Technical Education, Fine Arts, JROTC, ACT Prep, Academic Intervention, and Freshmen Academy.

Franklin High students have a wide range of program opportunities to participate in before, during, and after the school day. Whether a club, sport, activity, or theater production, there is something for every student.

Franklin High Course Information

There is a variety of high quality courses offered. Post-secondary credit can be earned from taking dual enrollment, dual credit, International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement level courses. We strive to challenge our students with highly rigorous curricula, bell-to-bell instruction, and strategies designed to facilitate success at all levels.

Please check out the different lists of Franklin High course offerings below, as well as the High School Program Planning Guide.

Courses may require a sufficient number of student registrants in order to be offered during the year. If there is no sufficient interest in a particular course, it may not be offered for the upcoming year. Many classes have recommendations or prerequisites.

Courses are offered at the following levels at Franklin High School.

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Courses: The IB program serves the academically talented and highly motivated student. The International Baccalaureate page provides more information.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: designed to prepare a student to earn college credit through the successful completion of the AP Test/Portfolio in a particular subject area.
  • Honors Courses: a challenging pace designed for students who have displayed a record of academic success. Honors courses exceed learning expectations of standard level courses.
  • College Preparatory Courses: all courses are considered college preparatory unless specifically labeled otherwise.
  • Standard Level Courses: follow the content standards, learning expectations, and performance indicators approved by the State Board of Education and Williamson County Schools. 
  • Resource Courses: for students who have been approved and placed in a resource course through their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Course Offerings

Information about specific courses and programs can be found on the College, Career & Technical Education and Fine Arts pages.

FHS Courses CTE Courses Arts Courses

Row of microscopes in Science lab.

Summer Enrichment

Students that registered for any of the following courses during the 2024–2025 school year, should complete the summer reading and enrichment. Contact the specified teacher with questions.