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Fine Arts Courses

Franklin High provides each student with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the arts. Along the way, passion and talents are unveiled as students are free to express themselves as individuals. The award-winning Fine Arts department offers something of interest for everyone. Courses in these programs of study satisfy the Fine Arts credit. Students may also choose to take three or more Fine Arts courses to satisfy their focus area graduation requirement. Contacts for Fine Arts Faculty are listed below.


Students learn movement elements and skills in performing dance and choreography as a way to create and communicate meaning while making connections between dance and healthful living. Whether learning movement as a means of expression or to navigate the creative process in a more analytical and rigorous way, there is an option for all students in the Dance program of study.

Instrumental Music

Students interested in band should consult a band director to identify the course that best suits their experience level. Course placement is determined by the band directors. Wind and percussion Marching Band participation requires enrollment in a band course. The Franklin High Marching Band is a high-profile, much awarded, nationally recognized, ensemble that enjoys a reputation for musical excellence. 

Theatre Arts

Franklin High has a fun and colorful Theatre department. Students will have opportunities to perform in two plays per year–one musical, as well as host and perform on Open Mic. Stage performance, make-up, lighting, directing, and set design are some of the topics taught. 

Visual Arts / IB Film

The Franklin High Visual Arts courses attract incredibly talented artists every year. Students may choose to pursue a sequential program in Fine Arts as their focus area for graduation. This path may culminate with AP Art and Design or Visual Art IB. Students may also choose to take IB Film. IB Film is a two-year course for juniors and seniors that aims to develop students as proficient interpreters and makers of film texts. 

Dancer on stage. She is posing in a stretch with body weight on her right  bent leg and the other leg is stretched out behind her.

Vocal Music

The exceptional choral program has three choirs that perform a wide variety of repertoire ranging from Classical to Pop music. The choirs perform at concerts on and off campus and at competitions, many times receiving superior ratings. Students will learn the basics of singing, reading music, multi-part singing, sight reading, and more!

Fine ArtS Information AND Course List