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College, Career and Technical Education

Franklin High School is committed to offering students a variety of educational options to complement their core curriculum. With ten different programs of study, our comprehensive College, Career and Technical Education (CCTE) program encourages students to take advantage of and explore their individual strengths and how they may align with a rewarding career. CCTE courses can be taken to fulfill the focus area for graduation requirements or as electives. These programs help students not only learn skills in specific subject areas but also teach leadership and teamwork.

Why Take CCTE Courses?

College, Career and Technical Education (CCTE) gives high school students the chance to get a head start in preparation for college and careers. In CCTE programs students learn how core school subjects like math, science and writing are used in real-life and practical situations. CCTE courses allow students to meet the graduation requirement for an elective focus area by taking three to four courses within a chosen program of study. 

Students in CCTE Programs of Study

  • Have the opportunity to participate in hands-on training in their chosen program and gain real world experience in the classroom or CCTE lab as well as through job shadowing and work-based learning.
  • Have the opportunity to use state of the art labs, industry standard equipment and software specific to the subject area while learning professional level skills that can lead to high-paying jobs.
  • May earn postsecondary credit by choosing one of the FHS programs of study that offers Advanced Placement, Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment.
  • May earn nationally recognized certifications, which can be used to jump start a career straight out of high school! 

Have More Questions?

To learn more about CCTE classes, explore the CCTE Course List and the individual Programs of Study from the links on this page. For additional information on specific programs contact CCTE teachers listed in the pdf packets and on the Faculty and Staff page.